Child safe blinds in St Albans

St. Albans Blinds offers child safe blinds at competitive prices. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. These products are updates constantly so keep in touch for updates on our latest range.

What is it?

It’s a fact that cords and chains are often necessary to operate a blind. However, these can cause a hazard to young people and although incidents rare, one incident is one too many.

At St. Albans Blinds, we have always offered the option of safety devices. Our products are known for their all-round quality and safety has always been a factor in that quality.

A wide range of options

We have itemised the safety device options for each product: safe, safer and safest.

Motorised blinds clearly would be the safest due to the lack of cords. Cost may cause another kind of shock, details on demand.

Below, we have listed available options to make your new blinds affordable and safe.

For example, a roller blind can be chosen with the following:
Spring operation (safest)
Chain fixed to the wall with a safety device (safer)
Chain breaks (safe)

Venetian blinds are now available with a:
Slide wand (safest)
Ultra wand (safer)
Cleat to tie up spare cord (safe)

Timber and faux wood blinds have many cords in order to both lift and tilt them.
We do have a cleat to tie up spare cords (safe).

Vertical blinds and panel blinds offer a choice of:
Mono wand (safest)
Dual/mono safety device (safe)

Vertical blinds that used to have cords with a weight and a chain to tilt are a thing of the past.

Roman blinds can come with a cord, cord lock, or mono chain so can be made safe with a:
Chain fixed to the wall with a safety device (safer)
Cleat to tie up spare cord (safe)

Our fitter would not be able to fit a blind that has a cord or chain without one of these options. Also cords / operating loops, cords where 2 or more hang together or individual cords need to be 600mm – 1500mm from ground level.

The last few years have shown new products with the latest safety technology. Details of all these products are in the main products page and are also listed below:

Perfect Fit
Spring Control
Cord tensioning
Chain fixers
Cord breaks

Please call for full explanation of requirements and necessities.

Between us, we can make your blind safe and also meet your budget and be on time.

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